Career Overview

I began my journey as a sailor in the Navy, navigating the vast seas and honing my discipline and attention to detail. Transitioning to civilian life, I found my passion for design and delved into the world of Web Design, crafting digital experiences that captivated audiences. Eager to explore new avenues, I immersed myself in Internet Marketing, leveraging my creative skills to drive businesses forward. As my expertise evolved, I transitioned into a Marketing Consultant, guiding companies toward success with strategic insights and innovative campaigns. Now, I've embarked on a new chapter as an Author, penning insightful how-to books that empower others to master creating real income online, sharing the knowledge acquired through my diverse journey.


I'm a passionate writer diving into the world of self-help Internet Marketing books and how-to guides teaching how to Make Money Online. With a knack for breaking down complex concepts into digestible pieces, I strive to empower readers with practical strategies and actionable insights. Whether you're a newbie entrepreneur or a seasoned marketer looking to up your game, my books are designed to equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed in the digital realm TODAY.

When I'm not tapping away at my keyboard, you can find me exploring the latest trends in online entrepreneurship or testing out new strategies to optimize my ventures. I demonstrate that with the right mindset and resources, anyone can achieve financial freedom and create the lifestyle they desire. So, if you're ready to embark on a journey toward financial independence and unlock the secrets of online success, grab one of my books, and let's embark on this exciting adventure together!

"The Future of Clicks"

AI-Based Tools and Strategies for Internet Marketing This book reveals the latest techniques and tools for online success. Plus you get free exclusive access to our website, which covers the up-to-date listings of all the top A.I. software sites, and internet tools to easily supercharge your Internet Marketing campaigns. 


Past Jobs

Marketing Consultant

As an AI-focused Internet Marketing Consultant, I was the Interpreter, translating the digital unknown into winning strategies. I didn't just tap into the power of AI, I harnessed its lightning-fast analysis and laser-sharp insights to propel brands forward. Chatbots converse like friends, personalized ads resonate like heartbeats, and content curation becomes an art form. Where others saw ones and zeros, I viewed untapped potential, crafting campaigns that were as intelligent as they were impactful. In the ever-evolving digital landscape, I'm the bridge between innovation and results, guiding brands to conquer the future, one AI-powered step at a time.

Internet Marketer

In the ever-shifting sea of the internet, I'm the captain, chart, and compass rolled into one. As a top-notch internet marketer, I don't just ride the waves; I craft them. I weave data into compelling narratives, turning clicks into conversions with laser-sharp precision. Social media whispers become brand anthems, search engines sing my clients' praises, and email inboxes bloom with engagement. I'm a strategist, an analyst, a storyteller, all fueled by an insatiable drive to make brands shine brighter in the digital sphere. From viral campaigns to targeted ads, I paint the online landscape with results, leaving competitors wondering what hit them.

Web Designer

With pixels etched in their soul and code coursing through their veins, the seasoned web designer and webmaster is a digital renaissance person. Years spent wrangling pixels have honed their eye for design, crafting captivating user experiences that sing both aesthetically and functionally. They're not just artists, but architects of the web, wielding code like a hammer to build robust frameworks and ensuring online empires stand the test of time. From the spark of an idea to the satisfying hum of a well-oiled website, their journey is a testament to constant evolution, where every challenge becomes a pixel-perfect masterpiece. They are the bridge between the intangible and the tangible, weaving the magic of the web, thread by thread, byte by byte.

Retired Navy Chief

Anchors aweigh: My journey started as a wide-eyed seaman, Compass in hand, learning the Navy's heartbeat. Years bled into expertise, each promotion a hard-earned stripe across my arm. Later, as a Chief Petty Officer, I was more than a Navigator; I was a mentor, a leader, the ship's backbone. I guided young sailors, navigated challenges with weathered wisdom, and inspired them to uphold the Navy's legacy. From the Pilot House to the Mess Deck's laughter, my days are a testament to service, leadership, and the unwavering spirit that helped keep our nation afloat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What genres do you specialize in as an author?
I primarily write about "self-help" and "how-to books" for creating real money online.
What are your rates for author services, marketing consultancy, and web design?
I still work in all these fields even though in a limited capacity. My rates vary depending on the time involved, but are very reasonable.
What is your availability for new projects or consultations?
That depends... Availability is dictated by my time constraints on current projects. I've learned throughout the years not to "take on" more than I can easily handle.
How can I contact you for inquiries or to discuss potential projects?
The form below is the best option. Feel free to ask me anything. Normally I will get back to you the same day (unless I am vacationing on a cruise ship)...LOL

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